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About White Lights Candle Company

Heart and Soul can make dreams come true!

White Lights Candle Company started as a newlywed couple's dream to have their own family business. George and Dawn had decided to get into business for themselves… something to leave to their children as their family grew and carried on. Deciding on what industry to start a business in was somewhat an easy idea for them. Dawn was a candle lover, and George had the know-how from way back when he use to make candles as a kid in his mother's kitchen – in the family home in Lindenwold, New Jersey…not far from their own family home today in beautiful Southern New Jersey.

As the wedding bells softened, the business bells began to ring clear. In 1999, George began a year’s worth of research on the candle industry – finding out what innovations had been developed between the time that he was then a kid in the kitchen and now an educated adult starting a business. He utilized the vast resources of information on the Internet and made a lot of calls to industry suppliers to ask questions.

By the time fall arrived in 2000, George and Dawn had ordered the basic supplies to begin their trial run on making their own candle. Knowing that they had the heart and soul it takes to make their business successful, George and Dawn wanted to share their vision and asked another couple with the same values to join them in their adventure to making a dream come true – Tony and Elena, a newlywed couple themselves with an eye on dreams for the future and ideas of wanting their own family-owned and operated business. Like George, Tony also could draw on his experiences of making candles as a kid - during his summer camp days at Camp Moore in Berlin, NJ. Elena’s love of candles would make her and her sisters drive 70 miles one way to purchase quality candles for themselves and as gifts for others. Tony/Elena and George/Dawn are dear friends, almost like family, so who better to share in making a success of a family business.

On one white snowy Sunday morning that winter, George and Dawn, cozy in their flannels and slippers, stood in their own kitchen ready to pour the first candle. While they waited in anticipation for the wax to cure, Dawn began to write a list of possible names for their new company. The vision of a fragrant candle burning with a mesmerizing and comforting white flame conjured up the first name on the list of possibilities. White Lights Candle Company. While that same weekend on vacation in New York City, which was at that time beautifully decorated with the white lights of Christmas, Tony and Elena made their own list of possible company names. With no surprise to both couples, once they got together to compare lists, the White Lights Candle Company name was a winner.

White Lights Candle Company had been established…supply orders were placed. The basement of Tony and Elena’s home in Marlton, NJ began to be quickly transformed into what would be the manufacturing center for the next year, while the business office was being established in the home office at George and Dawn’s home in Blackwood, NJ.

Candle creativity took off with a flash and White Lights Candle Company was born. Family and friends were the first to receive candles as a trial. It wasn’t long before they were asking to buy candles because they were so pleased. The company’s Sales Representatives quickly started to get to work as the retail demand continued to grow.

White Lights Candle Company quickly moved from retail to fundraising. The first fundraising trial run was done with George and Dawn’s son’s, George, high school golf team. The fundraiser was so successful that the group made enough money to fly the whole team to a golf outing in South Carolina. Since then, White Lights Candle Company has helped many organizations across the United States meet their fundraising goals.

On a sunny late-summer weekend, while on a boating vacation up the Mullica River to Sweetwater Casino Marina in Sweetwater, New Jersey, George and Dawn browsed the Sweetwater Casino Gift Shoppe. Before you knew it, George was speaking with the gift shop owner, Ron, and White Lights Candle Company’s first wholesale order was placed.

By fall 2001, the modest beginnings of the manufacturing center in Tony and Elena’s home basement were too small. White Lights Candle Company now has moved into its very own home – a building located in Runnemede, NJ – to continue making candles of superior quality that it is known for today.

Being a manufacturer, retailer, fundraiser, and wholesaler, White Lights Candle Company continues to look forward to providing candles that take you on a "scent"-imental journey filled with rich aromas and beautiful colors.